The 30 Best Apps for Small Businesses

When you own a small business, you need to know everything. Despite having little or no spare workforce, you seek to increase productivity to compete with larger companies. You handle problems, interact with customers and employees, and manage finances. Moreover, whether you run a small business or a large one, you should always aim for a great customer experience.

Using the best small business apps can simplify your life a little bit. There’s no doubt that smartphones are everywhere today, which is why so many small business owners are adopting small business apps – so that their workers can work anywhere, anytime.

Best Apps for Small Businesses

1. timeTracko: Best for Time Tracking

timeTracko is one of the best time tracking software to track the real-time activities of your employees. This app is best for small businesses and also for big companies. The app calculates the productivity level of employees. To know how active your employees are during the workday, it tracks mouse clicks and keystrokes.

You can see your employee’s device and check the screenshots taken by the app if you feel anything suspicious. Also, you can watch how long your employees are working and what projects they are working on.

The app is best at detecting insider threats and also protects your data privacy. You can watch the employee activity in real-time and also can check the history if needed.

2. FreshBooks: Small Business Accounting Software

FreshBooks is at the top of our list of top accounting software for small businesses because it addresses the specific needs of small businesses.

Invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, many business reports, even an option to accept credit cards are all included. Still, the interface is straightforward and aimed at those who aren’t accountants.

Even though this is a simple composition, it has depth. Billing in any currency, creating recurring invoices, allowing customers to pay via credit card, and automatically billing the credit card keep everything simple for everyone.

It is managed as efficiently as possible to minimize management hassles. Since the system is cloud-based, there’s no need to worry about backups. You can access and use it from your desktop or iOS and Android apps.

3. PayPal: The Best Online Payment Solution

PayPal is the preferred payment gateway for many businesses online because it’s easy to use and ranks as the best credit card processing.

Paypal makes it easy for major e-commerce platforms to integrate with payment gateways. The most challenging part of the setup is copying and pasting an API key – it is so simple: clicking a few buttons and providing an email address.

Web Payments Standard does not charge monthly fees for small businesses, but transaction fees are based on sales volume. In addition to being built into many shopping carts, PayPal can be used as a separate service to collect payments directly from clients simply by pasting a code into an email. Subscribers can also pay automatically with PayPal.

Adding payments in-store via a card reader is another capability offered by PayPal. PayPal can be an affordable option for startups and small businesses with no hidden fees.

4. IDrive: The Best Cloud Storage Service

IDrive is the best cloud storage solution because it offers continuous synchronization, even of network drives. The data deleted from your computer doesn’t automatically disappear from IDrive’s server, so there is less chance of accidentally deleting something important. Also, it backs up nearly 30 previous versions of all the files in your account.

IT admins can also manage all their connected computers using the IDrive Thin Client application, which gives them access to backup/restore, configuration management, and more via a centralized dashboard.

All your connected devices automatically sync and organize your photos using facial recognition. The IDrive Express provides you with a physical hard drive that you can use to restore all your backed-up information without delay if you lose all your data. 

5. Receipt Bank: Best Finance App

Keeping track of your cash flow and finances is a breeze with Receipt Bank, an iOS and Android app that keeps you informed of tax obligations. In addition to scanning receipts, the app uses utility bills, receipts, and invoices to extract information, all of which can be integrated with your existing accounting software.

You can upload photos and documents using Receipt Bank in minutes, and the app will process them and publish them to your cloud storage app. Advanced security technologies ensure that all data is safe and secure. Adding team members with different permission levels can simplify expenses in addition. App users can designate where particular suppliers, transactions, and payment information should go depending on their preferences.

6. Freshbooks: Accounting App for Small Companies

An accounting application such as FreshBooks lets you keep track of invoices and manage your finances. Freshbooks app has a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly produce professional invoices, accept credit cards from their mobile device, and automatically send recurring invoices to their clients. You can access FreshBooks as a mobile app for iOS or Android if you want to make changes on the go.

Other features of FreshBooks include the ability to develop customized business reports and organize and track expenses. Users can access these features from anywhere, and FreshBooks stores all users’ data securely and automatically backs it up regularly.

7. Trello: Best Project Organizing Tool

A free app called Trello for iOS and Android uses a digital bulletin board system to keep people on the same page about projects and tasks. There is a bulletin board on the site that users can easily access. These cards can describe and organize different tasks and projects.

You can create due dates for each card, create to-do lists, reminders, notes, and upload files with the board. With Trello, you can keep track of various projects and tasks easier to improve overall business management. Additionally, you can add comments to each card on the board and specific details and attachments.

You can integrate workflows with existing apps you use using Trello. Collaboration is possible from anywhere with the app since it syncs across all devices.

8. Intuit QuickBooks: A Great App to Track Cash Flow

Tracking cash flow is easy with QuickBooks from Intuit. Quickbooks provides you with real-time profit and loss statements, tracks unpaid invoices, automatically downloads bank statements, ensures that your business stays in compliance with HMRC VAT, and allows you to capture expenses on the go.

The software allows users to import payments from PayPal, export invoice and receipt data, create estimates, and track income and expenses. As well as this, you can access a complete collection of business reports that will help you make informed business decisions.

You can collaborate with your accountant or team members from anywhere with the mobile apps. With all QuickBooks plans, you can download the mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac for free.

9. Wave: A User-Friendly Accounting Software

Small businesses can take advantage of Wave’s free accounting software designed for ease of use. The Wave software allows you to create and track invoices, track sales and expenses, manage payroll, run account reports, and scan receipts.

In addition to accepting credit cards, Wave also provides a payment solution. Invoices paid with a credit card are usually settled within two business days. Reporting income and expenses is automated in many ways, negating manual data entry.

The Wave site offers downloads of the Wave software. There are iOS and Android apps to track invoices and receipts and free software. As well as paying as you go for credit card processing and payroll services, the company offers a pay-per-use option. We don’t require long-term contracts or commitments; you pay only for the services you use.

10. Paste: The Best Presentation Maker

You can create presentations collaboratively with Paste from WeTransfer for free on iPhone and iPad. A PowerPoint alternative lets you create streamlined presentations that you can share instantly with your colleagues. You can easily create eye-catching slideshows and proposals by pasting screenshots, videos, and links. Using the ‘storyboard’ view, you can appealingly visualize your slides and rearrange them for a better flow in your presentations. Slack integration allows you and your team to discuss each other’s projects immediately.

11. Best for Legal Documents: HelloSign

You always need to sign the paperwork as a small business owner. With HelloSign’s app, you can sign documents on the go from anywhere. You can subscribe for free or pay a monthly fee. If you choose the right plan, you’ll be able to scan, edit, sign, and send documents from your mobile.

HelloSign supports Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and Oracle. Three documents are provided for free each month for those who download the app. There are three paid plans to choose from: Essentials, Standards, or Premium. The additional features of the paid plan are audit trails, data validation, branding, in-person signatures, signer access codes, and team transaction views.

12. Slack: Best Communication App

Using Slack for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, you can send direct messages and organize conversations into private and public channels. As part of Slack’s archiving capabilities, you can save past files, notifications, and messages for future reference.

Users can easily communicate by dragging and dropping files and images into conversations using the Slack app. Furthermore, group calling, unlimited app integration, and message history archiving are also available.

13. Xero: TrackBusiness Cash Flow in Real-Time

Xero lets you track real-time the flow of cash in your business. To view your up-to-date financials, log onto the Xero website at any time. Any device will work, including Macs, smartphones, tablets, and Windows devices.

On the go, you can create expense claims, reconcile your books, create invoices, and more with the Xero mobile app. You can send online invoices immediately to your customers and can categorize bank transactions for ease of reconciliation.

As well as making financial processes easier, Xero provides additional functions. There are many features to choose from, including bill payment, inventory tracking, purchase order creation, time tracking, and much more. The Xero mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is available.

14. Calzy: Best Calculator App for Small Businesses

Calzy is an Apple Design Award – 2018 winner free calculator app available for the iPhone and iPad. The app goes far beyond the built-in calculator on your phone, offering a wide range of scientific functions for all your calculation needs. You can arrange the keypad to your liking by using the “3D touch” buttons.

Calzy lets you edit your calculations immediately if you make a mistake. You can tap and hold the screen. Calzy can store past results so you can reuse them in new calculations. With it, you can use dark or light themes, round decimals and currencies, add bookmarks, support FaceID and TouchID, add widgets and extensions to your iMessages, and sync your data with iCloud.

15. Avast Business Antivirus Pro: Best Antivirus App

With Avast Business Antivirus Pro, you can protect your business endpoints with various tools, including antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, and email protection. It also gives you the ability to sandbox applications for total security. Avast Business Antivirus Pro also protects your Sharepoint and Exchange servers and has several server management tools.

The free version of Avast antivirus is preferable as one of the best, but if cost and ease of use are important factors, Avast Business Antivirus Pro might be the right choice.

16. Any do: The Best Time Management App

Organize your to-do lists, appointments, and other essentials in a single location with Any do an easy-to-use interface. You can sync all your content across devices using other applications like Exchange, Google Calendar, and iCloud.

Collaboration functions include file attachments, notifications, assignment of tasks, and the ability for team members to work together. There are also numerous other apps that integrates with easily such as Evernote, Box, WordPress, MailChimp, and many more. In addition to that, the Assistant feature can also automatically review your tasks and identify using smart bots or humans, provided that the Assistant has your permission beforehand.

17. Box: App for Best Organization

The box app is a cloud-based app that functions like My Documents on a conventional computer without the limitations of operating systems. It allows you to use your files from any device with any operating system. Box lets you work with your favorite programs without ever leaving them.

Using Box with Microsoft Office, you can instantly edit, share, and save documents right from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Users can access all your Box files from within Salesforce if you use a CRM platform such as Salesforce.

Box supports Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, PC devices, and several business platforms. You don’t need to carry a USB storage device or waste time searching through email attachments because you can drag and drop the files you wish to access on the go. Additionally, Box is convenient for team collaboration, letting you edit and share documents with your colleagues.

18. Proofhub: Best Project Management App

A proofing app for iOS and Android, ProofHub offers several tools for managing tasks and tracking time, including Gantt charts, discussions, reports, file sharing, calendars, notes, and feedback. In addition, you can connect all your work across multiple apps and customize your own business with your logo and domain name.

The organizational features allow you to store almost any content, such as presentations, documents, images, or other types of content, in one place. It provides an advanced search feature that allows users to locate specific files and documents with the customization features quickly.

19. QuickBooks: Best App to Manage Cashflow

There are many accounting apps available on the market, but QuickBooks is one of the most popular. It has served small businesses well for quite some time.

Tax time is a great time to use QuickBooks. You can store receipts in the app after taking a photo, and you can track spending in general, so there are no surprises when filing taxes. TurboTax is compatible with the app, and the integration is seamless.

Instantly create and send invoices to clients, giving you the ability to get paid faster. It notifies you when invoices are sent, when they are paid, and when funds are deposited.

This app displays all your account balances and expenses on the cash flow dashboard. By viewing all your transactions, you can ensure that your money is going where it should.

20. To-Do List: Time and Project Management App

With Todo list, you can use your time wisely and get more accomplished in less time with a web-based app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. With the optimization functions available, you can optimize tasks that need to be done. When everything is synchronized across all devices and platforms, you can ensure efficiency in all business tasks.

You can access your tasks remotely and anytime using the app and extensions for multiple platforms, whether you use a mobile device, web browser, tablet, or laptop. Aside from that, task managers allow you to monitor your productivity by creating subtasks, subprojects, notifications, due dates, recurring dates, reminders, labels, and filters. It also offers productivity tracking, team collaboration, and other tools.

21. Asana: The Popular Productivity App for Small Businesses

With Asana, you can easily stay on top of discussions, tasks, user dashboards, and team projects in one place on iOS and Android. To improve productivity, email messages are grouped in one location so that they are easily accessible.

Its user-friendly interface, which facilitates communication and project completion, enables team members to collaborate and focus on specific steps of a project. Asana is also committed to maintaining your data’s integrity and security by adopting advanced security technologies and performing regular backups so that you can easily recover data when lost.

22. Tempo: The Best Calendar App for Small Business

Tempo’s free app for iPhone and Android devices can sync multiple calendars into a single location. Your consolidated calendar can also include conversations about upcoming events that happened in your email. When you schedule a duplicate activity, Tempo will notify you that you have a conflict. Your daily schedule will be summarized by email, along with iCloud reminders. Additionally, you can also save and view the schedule and status of your flight.

23. Google Drive: Best Organization App

Google Drive, a widely used app, is the best app to organize and edit files while gaining access to them anywhere. The app works on iOS, Android, and PC devices. With Google Drive, you can store, edit, share and collaborate on documents and projects using all the functionality of Google Docs.

Cloud Storage Google Drive

Besides providing you with cloud storage, Google Drive is also a fully-featured office suite. You can access Google Drive content via the Google Drive app or any web interface by logging into your Google account.

24. Rescue Time: Time Management Tool

You can run RescueTime in your phone or desktop background to generate a detailed report based on your activity on apps and websites. RescueTime notifies you when you spend too much time on an activity, blocks distracting websites, pauses RescueTime, and provides detailed information on the amount of time to read emails, browse social media, etc. You can become more productive when you know where you’re wasting your time and how much!

25. Hootsuite: The Social Media Manager

You can manage all your social media accounts easily with Hootsuite. Using Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts to ensure they appear on time. This application lets you navigate between multiple social media sites at once, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Additionally, you can monitor how many people view and engage with the content by looking at the analytics. If you use the inbox feature, you can monitor what people are saying about your brand and react in just a few minutes, allowing you to capitalize on this praise as well as quell any potential fires.

26. Connect Team: An Employee App That Connects Everyone

With Connecteam, all the things a business needs are in one place, from the field to the office. Through the click of a button, your staff is connected, daily operations are managed, employee experience and engagement are improved, and your business is driven forward. VMware provides a complete solution.

It allows employees to begin onboarding as soon as they enter the company, tracking their time and job schedules, and even managing their operations. Moreover, you will have complete visibility of what happens, and your employees will be more productive.

With employee time clocks and a GPS time stamp, you can track work hours, checklists, workflows, and employee scheduling.

27. Chanty: A Team Collaboration App

Using the Chanty team chat app, your team can communicate and work together more efficiently. Whether by voice or text messages, as well as audio and video calls, you can get in touch with them. Sharing information and communicating privately or publicly can be done through your screen. As well as communicating, you can turn your messages into tasks for managing your tasks and projects.

Ensure that these tasks are assigned to your team and that deadlines are set so Chanty can manage your work. The Teambook is where you can see everything you’ve done: it’s your central hub, and it serves as your central communication hub, containing your contacts, messages, tasks, and files.

28. Melio: Best Payment Apps for Small Business

Even vendors who only accept check payments can be paid free through Melio’s web-based account payable platform. 

You can use a laptop, smartphone, or another internet-connected device to access Melio for free. With the right apps, business owners and professionals can pay their bills and manage their cash flow on the go without investing in expensive accounts payable software.

The Melio payment scheduler helps you avoid late fees and early payments. You can also invite users and your accountant to participate in the payment approval process and remain in control.

29. nTask: The Best Project Management Software

Small businesses and individuals can use nTask to manage their tasks. The software lets users collaborate on tasks, projects, issues, meetings, timesheets, and risks with their teammates.

By adding descriptions, assigning resources, setting budgets, and creating tasks, you can plan all your projects in nTask in just a few clicks. With beautiful interactive Gantt charts, you can keep track of the project’s progress and make good decisions. There is an Android and iOS app for nTask.

30. Omnifocus: Time Management App

In OmniFocus, you can keep track of when and what is due using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. It would help if you never worried about losing anything with calendar integration, notifications, alerts, multitasking, attachments, and more. OmniFocus is also synced across different devices, so you can stay on top of everything in your business and personal life, such as getting a reminder when you walk past a grocery store to pick up bread and milk.

Syncing your data across all your devices is made hassle-free with OmniFocus’ free Sync Server. With various devices, you can manage your work in various ways, such as planning, to-do, and checking on upcoming events. Time management solutions can be created by separating your life responsibilities from your work responsibilities.

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