Top 5 car rental software in the market

The car rental business has created a huge market in the mobility industry as it offers convenient and low-cost rides to customers. The on-demand transportation helps customers get rid of the high maintenance costs on personal cars and minimize overall traveling expenses. On top of that, the car rental business helps combat air pollution by reducing the number of owned vehicles on the road. The demand for rental cars is continuously growing on a global scale, and car rental operators are embracing this massive business opportunity.  As per a recent study, the global car rental market is likely to touch  $214.04 billion by 2027.

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With such a huge market, car rental players need to take the initiative to beat the competition and make the business profitable. It means car rental operators need to offer exceptional customer service while keeping operational costs low. It can be done by automating business processes and enabling customers to access the service from anywhere. Car rental software can be an ideal way to augment the business processes and gain a stronger foothold. Besides that, it offers features such as fleet tracking, reports and analytics, rate management, inventory management, split billing, invoicing and billing, etc. That enhances business owners’ ability to run the car rental business more efficiently.

Let’s see some of the best car rental software in the market.

Top 5 car rental software to optimize car rental business

Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro is an efficient car rental solution that covers every aspect of the car rental business. The software is loaded with exclusive features such as rent planner, rate adjustment, fuel management, Quickbooks integration, vehicle expense management, customer identity verification, etc. The software can be accessed on-premise or in the cloud.

The software enables users to update business details easily and provides convenience to manage the car rental business from anywhere. The dynamic price plans provide flexibility in choosing the package that suits the business owner’s budget and needs. The setup is easy and fast. If users encounter any difficulties, they can always reach out to their exceptional customer service.

Rent Centric

Rent Centric is an exceptional car rental tool that enables users to run the business in a professional manner. It helps car rental operators to easily manage their business activities and deliver a seamless car rental experience to customers. The software can be accessed over the cloud, and it is highly scalable. Besides standard features, the software offers some out-of-the-box features such as split billing, remote start, automatic driver’s license input, snap vehicle inspection, fleet reporting, etc., to overcome some core challenges of the car rental business.

The software vendor also supports customized automation if business owners have specific requirements. Making it more customer-friendly, it is the first software solution that can be operated from the Apple watch. Customers can access almost all of the functionalities from the watch. For instance, lock and unlock the vehicle, monitor fuel levels, locate vehicle location, etc.

Rentall (Navotar)

Rentall (Navotar) is a cloud-based car rental software that offers rental services for motorcycles, RV (Recreational Vehicles), construction machinery, plane, buggies, etc. The software has best-in-class features that give car rental operators better control and visibility over the business.

The software is fully customizable and designed to adapt quickly to market needs. It is a next-generation car rental software that even supports GPS tracking and telematics. With a range of advanced features, the software promises high ROI and suits rental businesses of any size. The software is well known for its remarkable customer support and great user experience. It replaces all the laggards from the car rental business and does the job of value addition to the car rental business.

HQ Rental Software

HQ Rental Software assists with all kinds of rental businesses, such as motorbikes, boats, and equipment. The software exhibits high adaptability and rich functionality. It facilitates car rental operators to eliminate all the complexities in managing the administrative work, from rental agreements to bookkeeping and managing customer data. Further, the software enables the company to become more productive by integrating with other applications. If rental business owners do not have a website, they can use software to create a modern and responsive WordPress website. By following five simple steps, even car rental operators managing 2-3 car rental fleets can kick-start their business.


Rentsyst is a cloud-based software that simplifies the car rental business process. The software gives access to all the information business owners need to organize the rental car business. It has some extraordinary and highly advanced features that save the business from bearing financial loss, such as tracking engine overheating, alerts for illegal car access, speed alerts, zone restriction, etc. In a highly competitive business, these features could prove valuable in avoiding unexpected expenses and helping car rental owners to run the business efficiently. The software also has a free CRM system to optimize customer engagement. It enables owners to push various loyalty programs and retain customers.


The car rental business is rising in the global business market. The business model responds well to customers’ current need for an economically viable and environmentally friendly commute service. Rental car operators are certainly expanding their business spectrum but can face a few sets of challenges such as customers’ preferences, higher operational costs, and stiff competition. In such a situation, car rental operators have to become more strategic and adopt technology such as car rental software. The car rental management software provides a wide range of features and services to reduce operating costs and increase customer lifetime value. It is turning out as a differentiating factor for car rental operators looking to be part of the new mobility ecosystem.

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