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A beginner cartoon animation maker? Searching for any safe cartoon maker software free download full version?

Well, in this post, I will discuss about 3 easiest and ideal cartoon making software for beginners. After reading the discussion, you may download any of those FREE cartoon video makers.

Starting your animation project

As a beginner cartoon movie maker, you barely need to use simple and straightforward tools. Because, if you complete one project easily and fruitfully, you will go through a new project. And your continuous success in any project would boost your creativity. Your creative skills would reach the next level. Finally, you would be a pro in your career.

Hope, you have already owned some basics about cartoon character designing. Now, it is time to use simple tools to combine story scenes with proper animation. This is where, an easy-to-use animation cartoon maker software with built-in tools helps the creator.

Okay, let me dive into the main topic.

Free cartoon animation making software

In my top list, the first one is Pencil2D Animation.

A brief on Pencil2D Animation

Pencil2D Animation is an open source cartoon movie maker software. So, it is completely free. You can use this software for personal or commercial purpose. And, its minimal design is the best thing every novice designer loves much.

Pencil2D is a cross-platform animation creating software. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. It supports all versions of Microsoft Windows. So, it does not matter on which versions of Windows your device is running on. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista (32-bit) and Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Pencil2D Animation is the easiest software for a beginner animator. Because, its interface is very simple and user friendly.

free animation software pencil2d

Built-in tools and commands are superb easy to understand and use.

Switching between raster and vector workflows is flawless.

Here, you can work with different frames and many more layers without any hassle.

All such features help design your 2D hand-drawn animation videos as easy as 1-2-3.

For Pencil2D cartoon maker software free download full version, go to this site.

Seamless3d: Open Source 3D Modeling Free Software

To create 3D cartoon animation, Seamless3d is a great software. Seamless3d is open source. It simply means – you can download and use this software for free. Though drawing options are not available in Seamless3d, you will love its very many built-in features.

Seamless3d is one of the best but easiest software for creating stunning 3D characters, specialized images, animated content for YouTube/other video sharing sites, etc.

What you can do with Seamless3d Modelling Software

Seamless3d can be of great help while you are:

  • Adding sounds to animated objects
  • Importing VRML, Blaxxun Avatar Studio, BVH motion capture files, H-Anim, etc.
  • Exporting VRML, X3D, OBJ, H-Anim, BVH motion capture files, etc.
  • Converting animations to movie file
  • Formatting and mapping textures (supports JPEG, PNG, and BMP images)
  • Stitching NURBS patches to create complex structures
  • Mirror editing
  • Fusing NURBS surfaces
  • Box modeling
  • Creating movies in MP4, MPG, FLV, and AVI formats
  • Animation skinning and poly morphing… and so on. See full features here.

Ready for a secure free 3D cartoon movie maker software download? Then go to this site.

Stykz – stick figure animation program

Stykz is the last one in my list of free easy cartoon maker software for beginners.

Yes, this animation program is completely free.

When it comes to working with stick figure animation, Stykz is simply the best!

The software lets you animate the characters frame by frame. Once you are done with first frame, you can work on second frame, and then third, fourth…

Not satisfied with the frames you have created so far?

No problem.

You can modify or change any frame you have already saved in your animation project.

Editing task is so easy in Stykz. You can easily cut, copy, and paste figures from one animation file to another one. Adding new line segments, circles, nodes, etc. to a frame is just a matter of mouse click!

Manipulating figures like rotating, scaling, flipping, duplicating, coloring, aligning etc. is very easy in Stykz.

The software has some limitations in case of exporting animation files. It allows you to export your animation project ONLY to QuickTime Movie and Animated GIF formats.

One more thing! You cannot import bitmap images to your animation project.

To produce a watermark free cartoon video with stick figure animation, you can use Stykz.

To download this animation cartoon maker software free, go to this source.

Pencil2D, Seamless3d, or Stykz?

So, which one of the above-mentioned cartoon maker software for beginners you are going to use? It is your freedom to pick the best one.

Cartoon maker software free download full version

I think you have the right choice now. Get your chosen cartoon maker software free download full version on your PC immediately. Start your cartoon animation making project asap. Hope, you would be a pro cartoon animation creator very soon. Best of luck!

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