Best 10 cloud-based appointment software for massage center

Indeed, many people visit massage centers to get rid of their stress and tiredness. So, it is very important to give time to your clients and not be occupied with the other administrative jobs. Give yourself a break and invest in good massage center software to handle the flow of visitors and schedule the appointments.

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Well, it is clear that every successful business stands on three pillars that are- serving customers well, handling the visitors efficiently, and managing the business. A good tool will spare your time that can be utilized in giving quality service to the clients in massage centers. So, are you looking for such software? Your search end here! Check out amazing software used to manage appointments and deal with customer queries.

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List of top 10 cloud-based appointment booking software:


Salonist massage center software is one of the best software to manage appointments and handle clients efficiently. It is a perfect fit for the beauty and wellness industry. Additionally, it is a cloud-based scheduling tool that helps massage center owners to keep a check on the appointments online. Moreover, the best feature of this application is that it offers the users an opportunity to view the available slot in real-time.

Key features of Salonist are:

  • Makes the appointment booking process easy
  • Available 24/7 to provide booking on off-hours as well
  • Secure methods of payments
  • Keeps the inventory transparent  
  • Brings down the no-shows through automated notifications and reminders
  • Keeps an eye on the salon sales, employee performance with report and analytics


Well, massage centers can benefit from the Mindbody tool. It works well and suits the business whether they are small or run on a large scale. However, the owners of massage parlors can track every activity of their business with a clear display on the dashboard. Moreover, the upper management can assign different levels of access to the software to keep the data secure.

Key features of Mindbody are:

  • Dashboard to monitor every activity
  • Manage the appointments well
  • Manage the attendance of the staff
  • Synchronization with calendar
  • Manage the Payroll

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The next on the list is- Vagaro. It is a revolutionary scheduling software. Positively, this tool offers services 24/7 to its customers to book an appointment at any time of the day. In addition, you can easily manage the appointments, the payments, and the membership renewals easily.

The good news I would like to mention here is – Vagaro lets you enjoy free trial.

Key features of Vagaro are:

  • Keeps the client database sorted
  • Manages the inventory
  • Provides a dedicated portal for the members
  • Can track the no-show
  • Manages the event

Certainly, is an amazing appointment booking software that is a perfect solution for scheduling. In the same vein, it fits in easily in the large-scale or small-scale massage business. Also, the professionals or the managing directors can customize every feature to make it look more professional and related.

This app comes with free option. You can appoint 50 bookings a month for free!

Key features of are:

  • Easy procedure to book online
  • Send automated reminders via emails
  • Integrate with the website
  • Secure payment making procedure
  • Offer to reschedule


Genbook is a simple and inclusive software to manage the bookings to provide better customer service. In general, this tool is capable of managing every administrative activity of the massage center. Basically, the features it includes are- easy appointment booking, handling the payments, and sending notifications and reminders.

Key features of Genbook are:

  • Manages the profile of every client
  • Allows the rescheduling in case of the missed appointment
  • Manages and updates the status of the inventory
  • Sends the reminders
  • Centralized reporting from all locations
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The Schedulicity software is designed in such a way that it holds every feature to make the massage business more manageable. Positively, this tool can manage all the activities to save your time and help to grow the business profit by serving clients well. Additionally, it provides a secure method to make payments with the integration of third-party payment applications.

Key features of Schedulicity are:

  • Can grant different levels of permission as per the position
  • A dashboard
  • Maintain the attendance of the staff
  • Manage the appointment
  • Manage every internal communication

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Indeed, Schedulista can help your massage center to run its operation seamlessly. Though, it provides every detail such as the number of appointments for the day, payment status, and no-shows.

Additionally, the tool is equipped with all the automated features. Yes, those help to manage the clients and update them on every piece of information.

Key features of Schedulista are:

  • Managing the client database
  • Manages the membership
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Stores the data securely
  • It holds all the history of transactions

Square Appointments

Positively, with the help of the Square Appointments, staff need not juggle between serving clients and handling administrative activities. However, it is equally important to manage the appointments, and payments and notify the clients. So, the Square Appointments does all the chores on your behalf to help the staff work productively.

You can use Square Appointments for free if you only need one staff calendar for a single user. 

Key features of Square Appointments are:

  • Manages the staff check-in and check-out
  • Integrates with the website
  • Sends reminders and confirmations
  • Manages bookings
  • Allows rescheduling in case of missed appointments


Cliniko is another effective solution for the massage business. It not only accepts the booking but also provides a safe payment option. Moreover, Cliniko takes care of every missed appointment and sends reminders to allow rescheduling. Cliniko offers free trial for 30 days.

Key features of Cliniko are:

  • Provides an easy booking process
  • Support of API
  • Controls the permissions
  • Manages the client booking and rescheduling
  • Offers detailed reports


Fresha is indeed a perfect solution for the wellness industry, especially massage centers. This tool is flexible and manages the staff as well as the customers. It facilitates the business with necessary integrations and automated tools to communicate with the clients well.

Fresha, rated as #1 software especially for spas and salon, comes with a free solution for scheduling management.

Key features of Fresha are:

  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Manages the employees
  • Equipped with tools for marketing purposes
  • Manages the inventory well
  • An effective dashboard


To sum up, there are many cloud-based and AI-configured software to help massage centers work in an organized way. However, it is very important to take the help of a good scheduling tool to handle the massage center business effectively. Usually, every client takes out time from their busy schedules and visits to drain off their exhaustion. Above all, never keep your client waiting who has come for availing of the services. Many people get frustrated when the staff is busy handling the clerical job and wastes time. Therefore, it will ruin their experience as well as it will affect the image of your message center.

Hopefully, the article helps to understand the different software and their features that suit the massage center business. Feel free to get in touch to get more information.

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