Download 2D animation software for beginners free

Beginners, who are looking for best and easy to use 2d animation software free download, can go for Pencil2D animation software.

It is a simple animation app that everyone can use for creating artworks. Pencil2D software is compatible with all versions of Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), macOS, and Linux.

A brief about Pencil2D animation software

Pencil 2D animation software, an open source software, is released under the General Public License (GNU). It is used for animation works, especially to create animated cartoons.

Pencil2D animation software is lightweight and user-friendly. All beginners in animation field will be more comfortable with Pencil2D’s minimal design and advanced features.

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Switching option between ‘Raster’ and ‘Vector tasks’ included in the recent version of Pencil2D app is simpler than many other animation software of its kind. Such simplicity makes it an ideal software when it comes to ease of sketching, inking, and painting on the go!

You may check these tutorials on how to use Pencil2D.

Once you have done with your animation project, you need to transfer it to your preferred locations, right?

No problem. Pencil2D animation software allows you to easily export the completed project.

You can export your whole project through XML files and SVG files. The software supports different video file formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.

Improvement in Pencil2D new version

The latest version of Pencil2D has been updated on 21 February 2021. In this new version, many key issues have been fixed. So, the software is more up-to-date now, and you are going to experience a better work environment, for sure.

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Note that, the Pencil2D team is trying heart and soul to fix the remaining issues as fast as possible. We hope that they will fix the rest issues in later versions. Let’s see some big issues they have already fixed.

  • No more crash in manual scrub while flipping.
  • No more problem in saving files in your desired locations.
  • No more English typos!
  • Converting PCLX files to PCL files should not be a problem now.
  • Bucket Tool issues, cursor problems, size altering/modifying, frame auto-cropping, redo text, update checker, vector layering issues, etc. have been fixed.
  • No more sound problem when you import/export audio files.
  • Smudge dragging problem has been solved.

Problems have not been fixed yet

The Pencil2D team could not fix all issues in the current version (v0.6.6). But they are continuously trying.

Here are some issues remain unfixed that would delay or disturb your next animation project.

Varieties of Undo, Redo, or Selection issues, importing audios and playback delays, palette importing, sizing bitmap layer, maximum value limitation for Brush Tool, Smudge Tool undo problem, non-functional Vector Engine, etc. issues have not been fixed yet.

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Requirements for Pencil2D animation software free download

You can download Pencil2D animation software free for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows XP/Vista (32-bit), and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit). To download free Pencil2D animation software on Mac, your computer must run on 10.7-10.12, or 10.13+ versions.

Before finally going for Pencil 2d animation software for beginners free download, I recommend you to check this YouTube video.

If you want to download Pencil2D animation tool, follow this secure link.

How to download Pencil2D Animation Program

To install Pencil2D animation tool on your PC, first download the zip file from the above link.

Then extract the contents from the zip file.

Now run the pencil2d.exe file. You are ready to go!

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