Download Panda antivirus for Windows 10 free

Some famous computer security service providers offer antivirus for Windows 10 trial version free download. So, before buying a pro or premium version of any antivirus package for your PC with Windows 10, you’re getting the opportunity to test out the value of that target brand.

When it comes to security service, be it for anything, you shouldn’t compromise with the best possible quality available for you. To find out the best of the best, you should take time and do a thorough research. But, in this busy world, almost all of us want to get the topmost one in the shortest way, with a little bit of effort. And for that, we often get penalized.

Anyway, in this post, we’re going to learn something about computer security app, especially about antivirus software for Windows 10.

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Use antivirus software — free or paid

You probably know that Windows 10 comes with built-in security features that protect a device from unethical attacks by the varieties of malwares and online dangers. But for total online security, online security experts recommend to use other extra antivirus program (mainly comes with subscriptions). They do so because; a specially designed antivirus software gets updated frequently to boost its strength to fight unlimited online risks.

Online hackers continuously try to break down the security layers created by an antivirus program. If there is no regular update in any antivirus software, the hackers can easily break the security walls of your PC, created by that antivirus.

So, you must use antivirus software — free or paid.   

What do malwares or viruses do?

In simple words, steal your personal data, and damage your whole computer systems. Hackers use several types of malwares and very many techniques to access your devices remotely. As they enter your devices or home/local network, they can infect your devices, extract/wipe out/delete data and information, take control your devices, and so on.

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Needless to say, every device you use needs proper protection against computer worms, Trojans, spywares, ransomwares, viruses, etc. And that is why; you must use powerful antivirus software.

Let me share some basic information about a reliable antivirus software namely ‘Panda Antivirus.’

Key features of Panda antivirus

Panda is among the best antivirus programs available right now. At present, Panda is offering 5 different antivirus packages (including one free version). Other four versions e.g. Essential, Advanced, Complete, and Premium – do offer free trial for the first month as well. For details about four paid packages, you should check Panda Security website.

Though Panda Free Antivirus package for Windows 10 comes with some limitations, it’s a good choice for your devices. The free version allows you to get 150 MB free VPN security per day. You can scan all the external devices attached/inserted to your PC instantly by using this free antivirus program.

Panda offers a lightweight version of antivirus program that’s easy to install as well. The software has a good reputation when it comes to alert you about the real-time threats and provide your devices with high level coverage against all online dangers.

Like other prominent antivirus brands, Panda also allows you to schedule the upcoming scans at your convenient time.

With Panda Free Antivirus package, you’ll NOT get the following facilities:

  • Firewall protection
  • Real-time threats detection
  • Wi-Fi network protection
  • Personal data encryption
  • Browsing from unlimited VPNs, etc
Download Panda antivirus for Windows 10 free trial version

Downloading Panda antivirus, and installing it on your devices is easy. To get Panda antivirus for Windows 10 free trial version download on your PC, you can go to the original Panda resource through this download link.

Use Panda Antivirus, Stay safe.

Before you go, check here for more free antivirus software for Windows.

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