Download open source video repair software for PC free

You are here because you are searching for a video repair software for PC free download, right?

No worries!

Here you will find all necessary info regarding an open source video repair software.

Since it is open source, it is FREE to download. And you can use it as long time as you like. Again, it is free, and will remain free forever.

OK. Now, let me introduce one of my favorite free video repair tools.

VLC Media Player – open source video repairing tool

When it comes to download an all-time free corrupted video file repair software full version, VLC Media Player is a nice option.

VLC media player and media repair tool free
VLC Screenshot

VideoLan, a France-based non-profit organization, created some top-quality multimedia software. For example, VLC Media Player, VideoLan Movie Creator, DVBlast, etc. However, VLC Media Player is the best creation by the VideoLan. VLC Media Player is a free powerful video editing and video repairing software.

Key Features of VLC Video Editor

VLC – An All-Rounder Multimedia Player

You read it right.

VLC is an all-rounder, cross-platform media tool. It can play all types of multimedia files, webcams, streams…

What is your device’s operating system? Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Apple TV…?

No matter. VLC supports all operating systems.

NO spyware, NO ads

The internet world is full of free apps and digital tools. However, not all such tech products are accessible for free forever! They are exclusively usable for a limited time. Or, such free software come with promotional ads, spywares, obscured user-tracking features, and so on.

Annoying stuffs! And, you want to avoid these borings, right?

For this, eventually, you go for the premium version.

This is where VLC Media Player comes in handy.

Published under the General Public License, VLC Media Player is free. It does not have any threatening virus, trojans, warms, bots etc. There is NO inconvenient things like hidden user tracking, promo ads, etc. So, without any hassle, you can use this open-source multimedia player and video restoration tool. And of course, with ZERO cost!

Get your videos back with VLC

How to fix corrupt video files? Do I need any technical knowledge or skills to repair my ruined or destroyed video files?

Cool buddy!

Repairing video files with VLC Media Player is so simple. You do not need to have any technical skills for this restoration task. Its built-in features let you do the job perfectly. And of course, accurately. You will have to follow ONLY a few easy steps.

How to repair a damaged AVI file with VLC

The whole process of repairing an incomplete, corrupted, or damaged media file in AVI format is that simple.

First, open the VLC Media Player. Then go through the following steps.

Tools >> Preferences >> Inputs/Codecs >> Damaged/incomplete AVI file >> Always Fix >> Save

What to do if your video file is not in AVI format? Let’s go.

Repairing corrupted MP4, MOV, ASF, 3GP… files with VLC

If you want to repair an MP4, ASF, 3GP, MOV… video file, you will have to do a few extra things.

Firstly, change the file format.

To change an MP4, MOV, 3GP etc. file to AVI format, right-click on the target file.

Now, select Rename.

Change the damaged video file to AVI.

Press Enter.

Now, open the VLC Media Player again. Go through the following steps.

Tools >> Preferences >> Inputs/Codecs >> Damaged/incomplete AVI file >> Always Fix >> Save

The corrupted or damaged video file is ready to play.

Corrupted Video File Repair Software Full Version Free Download

To have an ORIGINAL corrupt video repair software full version free download on your PC, get VLC Media Player from this source.

VLC video repair software for PC free download will help you recover any damaged video file.

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