Free & Auto Backlink Generator Sites You Can Try In 2020

Here you go with ONLY 5 free backlink generator sites list. I’ve tried each of these sites for free SEO backlinks and found them something helpful.

If you’re searching for hundreds of so-called auto, free backlinks maker sites list that has no value at all (yes, you read it right), then I request you to avoid my list.

Anyway, there’s a big question! Does a website still need backlinks in 2020?


Backlinks are important, and its necessity will last forever.

But the main point is – are you creating backlinks in the right way?

Backlinks Is a Must for Each Site

Pnnacle Studio Family For a newly started website, you need some backlinks created as fast as possible. Be the backlinks manually created or auto generated, you barely need some links pointing back to your site. This is because search engines need to get notified about a new site so that they can crawl to that site fast.

Backlinks are important factor for search engine optimization.

Without optimizing your web pages for search engines, you can’t expect its popularity on the web. The more optimized a site is on the web world, the more popular it is to search engines.

You can’t expect a website’s high rank too fast; it takes consistent hard work, time, and many other things.

Keep in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of very many techniques, and creating backlinks is just one of them. As time will pass and you’ll work on your website, you’ll get some incoming links, for sure. But at that time, you shouldn’t go for automated incoming links.

Some auto-generated links pointing back to your site may ruin its credibility. And finally, the site gets penalized by giant search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

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By the way, please check a list of free backlink creator sites given below. Try them for your new site(s) or any other site(s) that have not been indexed yet properly.

5 Free Backlinks Generator Sites List

In the top of this list, I like to put “Backlink Maker” from SmallSEOTools. It’s really a good one you can rely on.

No. 01: Backlink Maker – SmallSEOTools

Backlink Maker is a simple but very effective backlink generator tool. You can use this tool just in 3 steps.

Step 01: Go to this page

Step 02: Enter your website’s main URL in the space provided.

Step 03: Now click on the “Make Backlink” button.

Wondershare MobileTrans (New Released!!!)

It’s time to have a rest for few minutes. Now you’ll see a list of sites where the backlinks are created successfully with few others, where failed to create as well.

No. 02: Backlinkr

In second position, another good free automatic backlink generator is Backlinkr. Backlinkr is a leading auto backlink builder website.

To get its service go to this link:

Place your site’s main URL in the box provided, and wait for few minutes.

No. 03: Real Backlinks

It creates 100+ backlinks (do follow as well) within 2-3 minutes.

Here is the link:

N0. 04: Index Kings

The Index Kings will send your site URL to 15000+ sites requesting them to index.

Go to this link:

Put your webpage URL in the white box.

Click on the Rapid Index button. Pnnacle Studio Family

No. 05: SER Backlink

The last one, but not least at all, is SER Backlink. With this free backlink generator, you can automatically generate and ping 10 to 2500 links.

Go to this link:

  • Place your site’s URL in the box.
  • Put keywords if you have anything fixed.
  • Fix how many backlinks (10-2500) you would like to create.

And that’s all.

If you find any of the above-mentioned free backlink generator sites helpful, don’t hesitate to give us thumbs up. Give us a like on our new facebook page as well.

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