Free CRM software for small business

There are lots of free customer database software for small business. You can download any of the best CRM for small business as your organization’s requirements, and try it for free.

The use of Customer Relationship Management Software, best known as CRM software, has been increasing day after day. In this competitive business world, to get expected outputs from your business/service, you must have a good relationship with your present and wannabe clients.

Managing credible customer relationship is a complicated and time-consuming task. You cannot do this job properly without a software. This is where a CRM app comes in.

Now the question is – how to choose the right CRM for your business?

Well, to find the best free CRM for small business or startup, you must keep some key points in mind.

Let us know about the best CRM software.

Best free database management software for small business

An ideal customer database must include several essential data about its existing and potential customers. At least, it will contain customer’s name, his/her work place, job title, email address, and official or personal contact number. All these information help an organization build an improved marketing relationship with its clients.

The right use of customer database helps every business or service authority in very many ways.

The client database is a virtual storehouse of an organization that reflects its buyers’ behavior. So, when you plan to design any special events for your customers, you can collect necessary info from the database, regarding each consumer.

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Then you can classify the customers into various categories according to their buying history. Once you find the target consumer group for your upcoming events, you can email them about your promo offer.

In the virtual marketplace, wherever you go, you will see more or less “extra offers” or “free offers”. All these are promotional offers. So, to boost your sales, you should run such advertising campaigns. And for a sales-raising campaign, a free customer database software for small business can be of great help.

Key features of free customer database software for small business

Look at the most important features of the best customer database software for small business and startups.


It is the first thing you should look for in any sales-boosting software.

A customer management software must automate some common but important tasks with just a few clicks. For example, when a customer sends any enquiring message to your business or company, the database tool should instantly reply him/her with a “thank you” note!

Instantly replying to queries of every customer is not possible without using an automated software.

Using an automatic software makes the communication process easier, between the business owner and customers. Thus, it saves your valuable time and business operating cost as well.

Analytical reporting

The second thing you should get in any best customer database software is its analytical reporting feature.

This feature lets you perceive the customers’ exclusive and inclusive interactions with your product(s), promotional campaigns, estimating of sales, social engagements, etc.

The more analytical reporting options you can access through your CRM, the more beneficial that software would be for your business growth. In simple words, Analytical Reporting helps you find the right track for your business progress.

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Customization and integrations

The database management software should be easy to customize, as the necessity of your business/service. So, before choosing any CRM software, you should identify what special features you need to include in it.

Along with customizing option, integrations with third party software are very important.

A CRM software must integrate with other top-branded 3rd party software, as many as possible.

Try free CRM

Want to download one of the best free CRM software for your business? Then get this one and try for free!


A customer database tool improves the communication level score between a businessowner and customers. As a result, we see the topmost customer satisfaction. And the final output is nothing but increased leads! So, be careful when you go for any paid or free customer database software for small business or startup.

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