Free time tracking software for Mac, Linux & Windows

Kimai is a completely free time tracking software for macOS X, Linux, and Windows. Since it’s open source time management software and licensed under the General Public License (GNU), you can download it on your PC and use for FREE, as long as you wish. There will be NO charge for a license key or any upcoming updates.

Are you a freelancer working in any project that requires tracking of log hours? Are you an admin of any group of online workers? Do you run your own business with a team of workers?

Well, if the main point is tracking the log time, you can go for Kimai free time tracking app.

A brief about Kimai free time tracker app

Kimai has combined a plethora of helpful features that you expect from a great time tracker tool. It’s compatible with all modern browsers available right now.

What is your preferred browser? Is it Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Microsoft Edge? No worries. With any latest browser of your choice, you can access Kimai. Since Kimai is a web-based time tracker, you can use it on your mobile devices as well.

Kimai allows unlimited users to track their working hours through timesheet. To track your working hours, choose the right client. You’ll see the related project highlighted. Select the project and start working. In the top-right corner, you’ll find a Green button. Give a mild hit on that button. The app will start tracking your log time instantly.

Once you’ve done your task, stop the recorder by hitting the Red button.

Want to work on another project? Then start the process from the beginning.

Forgot to put any information on the previous project? No tension! You can change, edit, and delete any records from the timesheet entries.

One amazing and important thing needs to point out here. If you quit the browser mistakenly while tracking your working hours, the app still keeps going. So, reopen the browser (or open a new browser) and stop the time tracker.

kimai free time tracking app for mac
Kimai user dashboard

Key points of Kimai time tracker

Here are just a few notable points that highlight the features of Kimai v2 version.

  • Responsive layout that’s perfect for both–desktop and mobile
  • Allows unlimited users and timesheet entries
  • Multi-language features (already translated to 24 languages)
  • Easy project and client management features
  • Easy invoicing system with various templates, automatic number generator for invoices, calculator, etc
  • Included timesheet data transferring option through Microsoft Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML
  • Built-in dashboard displays statistics about the project, through different charts
  • Timesheet Filter option allows filtering the timesheets by user, client, project, working hours, date, etc.

Bottom line

Kimai, a PHP-based time tracker, has been in this service since 2006. So, you can rely on its authenticity.

If you’re still in hesitation, you can test the app online. Kimai offers a demo installation as well.

To download Kimai, among the best free time tracker app for macOS X, Windows, or Linux, you may visit this link.

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