Gravit Designer free download for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Yes, it’s a wise decision to go for Gravit Designer free download for PC (with Windows 10, 8 & 7, macOS, or Linux), and give it a best try before you finally purchase the Gravit Designer Pro version. To help you know some facts and features of this graphics designing app, we’ve curated some data to make this Gravit Designer review post. Hope, you’ll find this helpful.

Graphics designing is a truly creative work that needs lots of skills, patience, attention, dedication…, and overall, a bird’s eye to little details. With all of these adoptions, you need a good designing tool too.

An ideal graphics design software, for sure, helps put your ideas on a charming canvas, and thus you might create something beyond your expectations. So, to create outstanding artworks with fun, you should get such a tool that’s easy to use, but acts like a pro.

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Let’s move on the way to know Gravit Designer — a graphics software.

Introducing Gravit Designer

Like other graphics editor, you can use Gravit Designer to create brand logos, illustrations, cartoons, animations, game elements, and other similar artworks. It’s compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Gravit Designer graphics design app

Graphics designing is a time-consuming task; and in most cases, it requires several revisions to make the final production eye-catching and meaningful. Keeping this scenario in mind, Gravit Designer lets you download the app, so that, you can work offline.

However, working online with Gravit Designer tool gives you the ultimate opportunities to access its online resources and use them the right way.

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The app gives you support in multiple languages (14 international languages). It comes with different sizes of built-in canvases that help you to easily craft diverse artworks for special platforms like Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Gravit Designer contains numerous types of pre-made frames, shapes, emojis, Google-friendly web fonts, UI icons, shadows, blurs…

Gravit Designer free vs pro

Let’s make a comparison between Gravit Designer free version and Pro version. At first, we should check what features are available in the free package.

Free version allows you to use up to 500 MB cloud storage and only RGB colors space. With it, you can enjoy 72 & 150 DPI PDF transferring, default SVG exporting, default PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG files importing, and system fonts & web fonts using only. You can make use of shadows/blurs/artistic filters/distortions up to 9 only.

On the other hand, Pro version offers unlimited cloud storage and all color spaces. In the cases of file exporting and importing (PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG) and using additional fonts, you’ll get full support possible. You can use shadows/blurs/artistic filters/distortions up to 36.

Pro package allows you to work offline.

Color Swatch option allows you to create and save new color modules, so that, you can reuse them later as you need. You can restore up to 20 versions of previously saved projects from the Gravit Cloud.

Full features are available for all types of text formatting and transforming. With Gravit Designer Pro, you can share your drafts or final outputs with others in ‘View-Only’ mode as well.

To get the utmost flexibility in creating beautiful and smart artworks, you can’t ignore Gravit Designer Pro.

Download Gravit Designer for free

If you want to download Gravit Designer for free or want to buy the Pro version, then visit this link.

After you’ve downloaded Gravit Designer on your PC, you may check these tutorials to better understand how the tool works.

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