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download Norton Mobile Security for Android phone and tablet free

Want to download Norton Mobile Security for Android phone and tablet for free? No problem. You can install Norton Mobile Security on your smartphones or tablets for free!

But, do you really need to install any antivirus and anti-malware on your Android? Do Android virus, ransomware, and malware exist?

In short, yes.

Let me explain.

Android phones come with built-in security features. But they run on open source code. And, as a user, you can alter or modify its settings. As a result, your Android loses its original defense against viruses, ransomware, and malware.

The output? It gets infected by malware and viruses.

Want to clean your Mac in 3 easy steps? Then you must follow it.

Perhaps you know, Android phones source apps and often get updates from developers. Thus, viruses and malware have the chances to enter your Android. And when you download any apps from the web, viruses may come in.

So, you cannot ignore the existence of viruses on your Android. And, because of those harmful viruses, your Android devices are also at risk, like your PC.

The Android smartphone or tablet, you are using, is full of your personal info. So, you will never want to compromise with its security, right?

Then, what to do to secure your Android devices?

You must have powerful Norton antivirus and anti-malware program installed on.

Now, let me step in the main topic — Norton Mobile Security for Android phone and tablet.

Key features of Norton Mobile Security for Android

Want to know the best parts of Norton Mobile Security? Then keep reading.

Highly Talented Adware App Advisor

Norton Mobile Security comes with an adware App Advisor. The App Advisor, powered by Norton Mobile Insight, is a highly talented program. Especially designed App Advisor is here to alert you way before you go to download any extra app on your Android! This suite alerts you instantly about all the possible threats and risks, connected with that download.

Every now and then, you download free apps from Google Play store. And like others, you also believe that Google Play is a secure place to download apps. Yes, it is almost true. Because, they continuously check to weed out every alarming app from their store as fast as possible.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage. Comprehensive, all-in-one protection for your devices, online privacy, and identity.

But, can they always assure you to deliver 100% secure app?

NO. And that is why, you need antivirus software on your Android mobile.

So, if you install Norton Mobile Security on your Android, it will be in safe hand.

Updated Database of Blacklisted Spam and Fraud Numbers

Nobody likes to receive a call from a spammer. Because, all the spammers always aim to cheat them with so many tricky calling techniques! Indeed, it is very hard to stop the robocalls.

So, how can you get rid of from falling into their traps? Can Norton Mobile Security help you in such a terrible situation?

Yes, it can. But how?

Norton Mobile Security connects with an updated database. The database includes lots of blacklisted spam and fraud numbers. Thus, it helps you detect and block annoying and risky robocalls.

Advanced Wi-Fi Security

Entering an unsecured Wi-Fi zone increases your cybersecurity risks. Because, it allows cybercriminals to collect your sensitive personal and financial data from your phone.

Imagine what can they do with your confidential information? They can do everything…

No worries! To keep you stay away from such scenarios, Norton Mobile Security can be helpful.

Ask, why?

Norton Mobile Security antivirus software includes advanced Wi-Fi Security feature. As soon as you enter a new Wi-Fi area, it starts scanning the whole network. If it finds anything alarming and risky, it alerts you promptly.  

Better Web Protection Feature

Norton Mobile Security comes with a better web protection feature. It can detect scam and malicious websites. So, before you make a tour to any fraud site, it alerts you.

System and Device Requirements

To get Norton Mobile Security for Android phone and tablet, it must have some specific requirements. Your device must run on Android 6.0 or later version. It must have Google Play app installed. And, at least 50 MB free space.

Norton Mobile Security for Android – price and trial offer

Great news! Norton has a special 30-day free trial offer for all Android users.

There is also another way to get free offer. You can enjoy Norton Mobile Security for Android phone for free, if you buy Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 with LifeLock.

But before you go for it, I highly suggest you to check all the related terms like its price, payment method, subscription process, etc.

For updated Norton mobile security price, you must check their resource.

Bottom line

The personal and financial data, you store on your phone, can be more precious than your Android smartphone or tablet. So, for any reason, you should NOT compromise with its security. Go for Norton Mobile Security for Android phone and tablet, and browse the web safely. One more thing! If in any way, you have lost your Android data, you can try this tool.

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