Opera free download for Windows, Mac and Linux

Opera is one of the world’s leading browser providers. Opera makes browsers for computers (Windows, macOS and Linux), browsers for mobile apps like Opera (for Android), Opera Mini (for Android and iOS) etc.

Opera Browser free download option is available for all Windows versions including Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit, and Windows 10 64 bit.

Key features of Opera Browser

The versatility features of Opera’s compatibility have made Opera more popular. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Below you’ll read just some key features of Opera web browser.

Built-in VPN

This feature allows you to browse the net safely. Opera’s built-in VPN is to reduce online tracking and to safeguard your online browsing from other net users. Their VPN doesn’t require any subscription, payment, and additional extensions as well.

Built-in ad-blocker

Opera’s built-in ad blocker feature is to help you browse the net faster. Online ads generally slow down your browsing speed. The built-in ad blocker in Opera browser software blocks the unwanted ads and thus helps you experience faster page loading.

Built-in messenger

When you’re browsing online for something necessary, you may be in urgent need of chatting with someone. And for that, you’ve to switch between tabs or programs. But Opera built-in messenger feature has solved such problems by including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and VKontakte into the latest Opera browser. You can enjoy chatting and browsing simultaneously with free Opera browser.

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Mode options

There are two mode options in new Opera browser – Dark Mode and Light Mode. Now you can manage light or dark themes on Opera. You can customize some options like Favorite Bookmarks, Keyboard Shortcuts, Extensions, and Wallpapers etc.

Download and install opera browser for windows 10 with VPN, Mac, and Linux to enjoy secure and fast browsing.

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Latest Opera browser for windows 10

To get Opera free download for PC latest version Windows 10, Mac, and Linux just click here.

  • Now wait for safe and fast download to finish.
  • Run the just downloaded OperaSetup.exe file and complete installation process.
  • Open update Opera browser for windows 10 with VPN and enjoy private and secure browsing experience.

If you’ve Opera free download for Windows 10, Mac, or Linux, it’s time to adjust the browser. In order to browse the net the way you want, adjust the new opera browser to your preferences.

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