WordPress webinar plugin — which one is the best?

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Well. After reading this post, you would be able to decide what is the best WordPress webinar plugin!

Read this webinar plugin for WordPress review article first. And then pick up the most suitable online seminar software as your own requirements.

But if you are too busy, check this short list first.

10 Best Webinar Plugins for WordPress

Benefits of using webinar program

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The benefits of using webinar software have already been tested. Webinar is an excellent choice to expand your online presence. You can boost your credibility and expertise through online seminars and trainings. By using the best webinar software, you can generate more leads with less cost as well.

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Now, let me introduce the most popular webinar software for WordPress website.

WP GoToWebinar

WP GoToWebinar is a smart, mobile friendly, and free webinar plugin for WordPress website.

The plugin makes displaying your upcoming webcasts much easier than your imagination.

Yes, you have read it right!

NO need to be an expert to manage your webinars with this plugin.


Because, by inserting ONLY a shortcode, you can present your next online seminar very easily.

How do you want to display the coming webinars?

In a table or a calendar format?

In a widget?

Or, do you want just to present a registration form for the imminent webinar?

No problem! In every case, you can use a specific shortcode.

Examples of some shortcodes are [gotowebinar], [gotowebinar-calendar], [gotowebinar-reg key=”upcoming”], etc.

Instead of using shortcodes, you can use another plugin, WPBakery Page Builder, to show the upcoming video conference as well.

This free webinar plugin has very negligible impact on your WordPress website’s overall memory usage and page speed. The average memory usage is about 74.6 KB and the page speed is around 0.15 second. So, you would see NO significant change before and after installation of this plugin.

Finally, WP GoToWebinar is the FREE best webinar plugin for WordPress website.


The Most Affordable Meetings On The Market

ClickMeeting is among the best WordPress webinar plugins you can rely on. It comes with a convenient MOBILE APP. The app allows you to create, edit, and manage the coming web seminar on the go!

For online business meetings, video conferencing, online trainings…, ClickMeeting is a high-profile webcasting software.

Key features of Clickmeeting include Webinar Room, Custom Branding, Screen Sharing, Webinar Statistics, Webinar Timeline, etc.

With Clickmeeting, you can create paid webinars and automated webinars.

Paid webinars let you sell access to your selected webcasts. So, you can easily make money from your online presence. 

Do not want to broadcast a live webinar?

Then you should go with an automated webinar (evergreen webinar).

Setting up an automated web seminar is a simple task with Clickmeeting. With just a few ‘drag and drop’ elements. So, by following some simple guidelines, you can put your webinars on autopilot with Clickmeeting.

Want to use this AUTOMATED webinar plugin for WordPress free?

No problem.

ClickMeeting offers a FREE plan for 30 days (up to 25 attendees). So, you can try it for free to see how it works. And, it does not require any credit card.

After trial period, you can pick a monthly or annual subscription plan from 3 categories available (Live, Automated, and Enterprise). Live and Automated Packages allow up to 1000 attendees. Enterprise allows up to 20,000 attendees.

Clickmeeting webinars pricing are very flexible. Choose the best one according to your business or service’s demands.

Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations.


Another strong contestant in the race of top webcasting software is WebinarJam.

WebinarJam WordPress plugin comes with everything you need to create, schedule, and manage your online broadcasting. Aside from real-time webinar, it offers automated recordings as well. This feature allows you to replay any previous webinar after the ending of live broadcasting.

In WebinarJam, you can have a pre-set webcasting room, “Always-On”. You can create a “ready-to-go-live” type special room for your recurring video broadcastings there. This feature enables you to login to your WebinarJam account and go live then instantly.

WebinarJam does NOT offer FREE trial.

There are 3 different plans to choose from — Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.

Basic: Allows maximum 500 attendees, 2 presenters, unlimited webinars, 2 hours maximum webinar duration

Professional: Allows maximum 2000 attendees, 4 presenters, unlimited webinars, 3 hours maximum webinar duration

Enterprise: Allows maximum 5000 attendees, 6 presenters, unlimited webinars, 4 hours maximum webinar duration

It is a mobile-friendly program. So, you can operate the live actions with your mobile phone on the move.

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Zoom Video Webinar

Zoom is a reliable brand name when it comes to collaborating with others via audio-video-text sharing. However, Zoom Video Webinar is an improved cloud-based platform that particularly aims to boost your business growth.


Zoom Video Webinar lets you plan, create, schedule, and manage bigger online events like a pro. It is a simple interface. No matter if you are a novice or professional in webinar service. You will be able to successfully operate it. And, you can expect better engagement with your co-hosts and attendees through live or automated virtual meetings.

This program allows up to 100 interactive video partakers and up to 50,000 view-only attendees in an online event.

It comes with some amazing features like 1-click screen sharing, local and cloud-based recordings, virtual backgrounds and whiteboard for active panel speakers, mute/unmute speakers…

There are many simple WordPress plugins for Zoom. By using any of them, you can do everything from your WP Dashboard. Operating online events is just a one-click task, for sure.

Joining a Zoom Webinar is simpler than its other competitors.

Do not have a Zoom account? No problem.

You can join an event without having a Zoom account. And you can join from your PC or mobile.

Zoom offers different monthly and annual plans at different costs. You can choose the best one based on your webinar attendees (from 100 to 50,000).

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WebinarIgnition is another advanced WordPress webinar plugin you can go for! To broadcast live or pre-recorded videos, Webinar Ignition can be a good option.

Faster Video Editing, More Creative Possibilities This tool has all necessary features built-in to accelerate your webinar shows.

To create and manage engaging live webinars or automated evergreen webinars, you can use their pre-set page templates (Registration Page, Confirmation Page, Live Webinar Page, Replay page, etc.). However, if you want to customize the templates as your own taste, you can easily do it.

1-Click Registration feature lets your potential webinar subscribers an easy and hassle-free registering opportunity.

WebinarIgnition does NOT offer FREE trial. However, it offers 3 subscription plans with 30-day money back guarantee.

All 3 plans (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise) allow you to host unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees. The Basic plan is only to display live broadcasting. In Pro and Enterprise packages, you can display live webinars and automated webinars.

They do not bill you monthly.

Get ready for one-time payment if you want to buy their online broadcasting and collaboration services.


To display your real-time online presence or automated video recordings, WebinarPress is another powerful alternative.

With WebinarPress, you can easily create and show paid live webinars and automated evergreen webinars. It supports WooCommerce plugin and thus, enables you to monetize your video broadcasts with PayPal, Stripe…

There is an Exclusive Member Webinars feature. It manages the roles of users and visitors in your WordPress website.

Want to try WebinarPress for free?

Well, WebinarPress offers a FREE version with some limitations. With free pack, you can present live webinars. But cannot display automated or pre-recorded webinars.

There are 2 paid plans — Agency and Single Site. You can buy any of those 2 plans. There is no monthly installment available. You must by your chosen one for a year.

In Single Site Package, they allow unlimited attendees and unlimited webinars.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect offers you high performing solutions to kickstart your success with top-class webinar software. With Adobe Connect, you can produce long lasting, impressive, engaging, and specific goal-oriented online classes, meetings, presentations, stories, and online seminars.

All the features required for your effective online presence come with Adobe Connect. Its mobile app supports Android and iOS devices. So, you can go live or connect with your audience from anywhere in the world, and on the go!

Like the other best webinar tools, Adobe Connect enables you to display live webinars and automated webinars. You can get dedicated reusable rooms, just in case you are in a hurry but need to go live instantly!

There are 3 different webcasting plans to choose from.

Adobe Connect Meetings: This plan allows you to conduct meetings with up to 25 attendees. 

Adobe Connect Webinars: This plan allows you to display webinars with up to 1000 attendees.

Adobe Connect Learning: This plan allows you to conduct online classes with up to 200 students or participants.

Want to use Adobe Connect for free?

Then go for a 30-day FREE trial. It allows you to host up to 25 attendees.


Demio is another good platform to help you grow your business through live streaming, pre-recorded video webinars, or a combination of both two. It comes with all necessary tools you need to operate any virtual meetings, virtual conferences, online trainings, learnings…

This software automatically records your virtual events in the cloud. And later, it lets you download that recordings in MP4 format. Then you can share those recorded events with your audience at your convenience time.

Demio is offering 3 flexible plans right now — Starter, Growth, and Business.

Starter Plan: A good plan for startups. It allows only live events with 1 host and up to 50 participants.

Growth Plan: It allows live and recorded events with 1 host and up to 150 participants

Business Plan: You can get all features included in Growth Plan with 4 hosts and up to 500 participants

Want to try Demio for FREE?

Then start a 14-day free trial.

Intermedia AnyMeeting

Intermedia AnyMeeting is an easy-to-use platform. It offers excellent online collaboration and video conferencing facilities.

Intermedia AnyMeeting Webinar allows more presenters than its all other competitors.

Yes. It is absolutely true.

You can invite up to 12 presenters!

This tool lets you to engage with 50 to 1000 participants.

This webinar software consists of a bunch of advanced necessary tools. And thus, it lifts your broadcasting programs to the next level.

Of course, it is mobile-friendly.

Want to display live and pre-recorded meetings?

Share screen with attendees?

Involve participants through comments, questions and answers, polls…?

Well. With AnyMeeting Webinar, you can do more such things.

Intermedia AnyMeeting is offering 3 different plans right now. They are Webinar Lite (up to 50 attendees), Webinar Pro (up to 200 attendees), and Webinar Enterprise (up to 1000 attendees).


Searching for a complete set of tools to produce and manage live webinars?

Evergreen or automated webinars?

Or, promotional events, business meetings, online trainings…?

Then EasyWebinar can be an easy solution for sure.

It is an easy webinar WordPress plugin. Like other top webinars, it also allows attendees or participants to register in upcoming online events through 1-click registration process.

Its Skype-integration feature lets you engage with more participants.

In a live presentation, it allows up to 4 real-time presenters. EasyWebinar permits any interested attendee to enter the live room as well.

EasyWebinar offers 3 plans with monthly and annually billing cycles. The 3 plans are Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

EasyWebinar Standard Plan: Allows up to 100 live participants or contributors, unlimited automated webinars with 100 participants maximum for each session.

EasyWebinar Pro Plan: Allows up to 500 live participants or contributors, unlimited automated webinars with 500 participants maximum for each session.

EasyWebinar Enterprise Plan: Allows up to 2000 live participants or contributors, unlimited automated webinars with 2000 (the number goes unlimited when pay annually) participants maximum per session.

Check this Free EasyWebinar Quick Course to know how to use EasyWebinar to monetize your expertise.

Want to know how does this software work?

Then go for a FREE EasyWebinar 14-day trial.

Bottom line

So, which one is the best webinar plugin for WordPress? Let us know your thoughts about the above-mentioned WordPress video conferencing plugins in the comment section. Or, which webinar software for WordPress site you are going to use!

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