9 Free Automatic ID Card Generator Software

Lots of software providers offer automatic ID card generator software free download opportunity that allows you to create a wide variety of identification cards like student ID cards, employee ID cards, business cards, greeting cards, product labels, envelops, badges, etc.

So, if you’re looking for any ID card maker software free download for Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP), you may use any of the 9 free ID card generator apps listed in this post, according to your own taste and requirements.

ID card maker free software

Importance of ID cards

ID card shows your personal and/or business authentic identity. In this digital world, without a colorful and graphical ID card, we can’t imagine any business or service – be it a startup, small, medium, or a big one!

Every business or service wants to reach their goals fast; and therefore, it continuously goes through various promotional activities. For such purposes, they prepare and present eye-catching and unique visiting cards, greeting cards, banners, posters, badges… Such productions, for sure, help in promoting their business.

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Creating promotional cards for business/service has been a simpler task now, just because of the convenience of online card maker software. And, since there are many ID card or business card generator apps available online for free, anyone can save enough expenditure relating to the production of promotional papers and printings. It’s really a great opportunity, especially for the startups and small businesses.

Anyway, if you search the net, you’ll find many free apps for ID card creation. But choosing the most suitable one will be the key to have the best possible output as your expectation.

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To make this task easier for you, we’ve curated some data and information about several free automatic ID card generator apps.

Hope, this post will guide you to pick a suitable app to design and create various types of cards your business/service needs.

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9 Free ID card creator software at a glance

ID Card Design Software

ID Card Design Software, among the best free ID card creator apps, allows you to create all types of ID cards using data from a Microsoft Excel file. With this app, you can easily create many ID cards in Batch Processing way.

You can use this software to design ID cards in very many styles, shapes, and colors. ID Card Design Software supports several file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, PDF, etc. so that you can save your cards in your convenient formats. No matter what sorts of ID cards you want to create, you can use this software with confidence.

ID Flow

Another powerful but free ID card maker app is ID Flow. The software runs on all Windows versions. With ID Flow app, you can create all types of personal and business cards like visiting cards, student ID cards, employee ID cards, badges for students and employees!

ID Flow comes with ready-to-use templates that can save your extra time while generating many ID cards in a batch, just by adding some personal details. If you don’t like to design cards in pre-defined formats, you can fully customize any template according to your special demand. The software is easy-to-use and suitable for creating ID cards in many styles as well.

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The key disadvantages of ID Flow free ID card creator app are:

  • It allows you to save the designed card in ONLY PDF format.
  • It can record up to 50 cardholders’ data

ID Card Workshop

ID Card Workshop is a strong competitor when it comes to free ID card creation in Windows PC environment. The software allows you to generate multi-colored and different styled ID cards for personal and business purposes.

ID Card Workshop has many built-in templates as well that can make your ID card creation process hassle-free.

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You can use free ID card maker app ID Card Workshop to craft student ID cards and badges, employee ID cards and badges, visiting cards, product labels, etc.

One of the drawbacks of this software is it ONLY supports Windows 32-bit system.

Free Business Card Maker

Free Business Card Maker, as its name describes, is a free app, especially suitable for creating business cards. With this free software, you can create all types of business ID cards, employee ID cards including barcodes, logos, texts, etc.

The software comes with several built-in tools, necessary to generate business promotional cards.

Free Business Card Maker app allows you to save the created ID cards in 2 formats – PDF and FBCRD.

As a free ID card generator, it’s a good tool, but should integrate with more customization tools.

Formtec Design Pro

Formtec Design Pro is a top-level app that you can use to design all kinds of personal and business ID cards. In addition, this software allows you to create a wide variety of product labels, postcards, envelops, stickers, etc. that different businesses commonly demand.

With Formtec Design Pro app, you’re allowed to free your arms while setting, editing, and altering any data/objects, you placed before on the board. Amazingly, the software lets you design different types of cards in one sheet. The Clipart Gallery contains 2k fresh clips to provide you with optimal design experience.

In Formtec Design PRO, you can save your card as PDF, DGF, and DGT formats.

Clickable Card

Clickable Card app can be a good option to design your personal ID cards and business cards on-the-go! It’s a portable and lightweight ID card maker software that you can easily transfer from one device to another one with a simple USB drive.

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But, being a tiny app doesn’t mean that it lacks of customization features! Yes, it’s a good tool to go with.

Clickable Card free app has been created mainly to generate business ID cards and business promotional cards. However, by using this app, you can design your personal ID cards too. It helps you in putting data on cards, editing and altering texts, data, and objects, formatting images and objects, embedding photos to cards, resizing/adjusting elements, etc.

ID Card Designer Software

ID Card Designer Software is a free software that comes with varieties of ready-to-use design templates so that you can create ID cards with minimal effort. However, you’re allowed to modify and alter backgrounds, colors, sizes, shapes, alignments, etc. to give your ID cards a newer look!

With pre-made or customized design templates, you can generate ID cards for students, teachers and other employees with photos, school/company logo and barcodes, business visiting cards, name badges for students and staff, and so on.

ID Card Designer Software is lightweight and simple, but a good choice to craft unique and attractive ID cards.

Easy Card Creator Free

Easy Card Creator Free is a simple but useful free ID card creator app. With this free software, you can create all kinds of ID cards, visiting cards, post cards, labels, name badges

Easy Card Creator Free doesn’t offer any built-in design templates that might help users to generate their ID cards effortlessly. It comes with common tools necessary for card designing and production. But a good thing included in this software is – it can smoothly take snaps via webcam and then add photos to ID cards.


Vizitka is another portable and free ID card maker app like the previously described app Clickable Card. It’s lightweight but can speed up your ID card creation task. The software is compatible with all Windows versions. Though it has no UI, a help manual for users is included that can be of great support.

With Vizitka free software, you can create student ID cards, visiting cards, personnel ID cards, etc. If you want to create ID cards in batches, we’ll not recommend Vizitka because it allows you to create up to 10 ID cards at a time.

Bottom line

Before going for any of the above automatic ID card generator software free download, check for more details info described in respective website. And have fun with your ID card creation project.

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