CorelDRAW free logo design software for Windows 10

It’s really a good news that CorelDRAW is still offering free logo design software for Windows 10 PC in 2020.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 for Windows (also compatible with macOS) is a free graphic design software. It comes with a complete set of toolkits you need to create unique and compelling logos for your business or service.

Should you download logo design software?

On the web, there are many so-called FREE logo design software. Though most of them allow users to create logos through their website, they finally require a subscription when the users want to download any logos. In the end, it’s wearisome. It’s unexpected, and sorry to say, one type of cheating.

Anyway, creating a logo for your business or service is not that simple. It takes your valuable time, needs a lot of creativity and hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro in logo designing. You would need to go through several revisions to create a meaningful, eye-catching logo. For this, you need high-quality logo creator software installed on your PC.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 is among the top quality free logo design software for Windows 10 and Mac users.

Reading more about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020, for sure, will be totally worthy if you want to download a free logo making software from one of the leading software companies.

Key features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020

CorelDRAW logo maker software for Windows 10

Being a complete toolkit, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 lets you design your logo for print or web very easily.

The software is very easy to use and therefore ideal for beginners. But it comes with powerful editing tools and numerous features relating to illustration, graphics, layouts… that make it very popular and useful to pro designers. Creating professional artworks with this application is a simple task.

CorelDRAW has great Vector Editing Tools (to work on graphics, illustrations, layouts, tracings, etc), Block Shadow Tool (to add vector shadows), Pointillizer (to create vector mosaics), Symmetry Drawing Mode (allows to do symmetrical designs), PhotoCocktail (to create photo collage), and so on.

Few more most attractive features included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 are:

  • Adobe Color Management Module
  • Windows Color System Support
  • Multiple documents interface
  • Special characters, symbols, and glyphs
  • 150 professionally designed templates
  • Advanced content organizer
  • Live text formatting
  • Over 1,000 TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • High-quality Thumbnail Previews
  • Syncing trays with Microsoft OneDrive
  • 7,000 clipart, digital images, and vehicle wrap templates
  • 1,000 high-resolution digital photos
  • Over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills
  • International quotation marks

Download free logo design software for Windows 10

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I hope CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 for Windows PC has already drawn your attention for its amazing exclusive features. If you’re still in hesitation, just give CorelDRAW Graphics Suite a try!

For free download logo maker software for Windows 10 PC, follow this download link.

This new version is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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