Remote desktop software free download for Windows 10

At this critical time, when we’re staying home to combat COVID –19, remote desktop software free download for Windows 10 is a wise decision.

A remote desktop software enables us to access our computer remotely from anywhere, and therefore, it has made varieties of IT works easier than ever.

Importance or necessity of using remote desktop software is not the topic of this post. Here, we’re going to know the key features of AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software and from where we can download it.

The best thing about this remote desktop software is that it’s free for personal use. AnyDesk remote software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi.

Key features of AnyDesk remote desktop software

Flexibility of work

As you see AnyDesk is a multi-platform supporting software, you can run it on your preferred platform without any hassle. The app offers you the flexibility of working while on the go. And you get this opportunity simply by setting a password to access your computer.

Lighter than your imagination

AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software is much lighter than your imagination. It’s just 3 MB! So, downloading AnyDesk is just a click away from you, right?

Language supports

AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software has been configured keeping worldwide users in mind. It supports 28+ top languages. This feature makes it a good choice for staff around the world.

Easy data files transferring

Transferring data files between remote and local PCs or devices with AnyDesk is a simple task. You can do it by using Transfer Tab, or by Copy/Paste. File Manager is a good option for local file transfer as well.

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Speedy remote printing

Printing any document from remote computer, and then sending it to your local device is simple with AnyDesk remote software.

Tracking contacts and connections

AnyDesk Remote Desktop App has built-in “Address Book” that enables you to keep track your contacts and connections from anywhere. It allows you to trace the online/offline users as well.

No bandwith problem

AnyDesk software doesn’t require high bandwith to perform smoothly. If you’re in a place with poor internet connection, you can easily use AnyDesk.

Highly secure TLS 1.2 technology

The software comes with TLS 1.2 technology that makes your PC highly secure. So, installing AnyDesk remote software on your computer keeps your PC protected from unauthorized access.

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Use for free

If you want to use AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software for personal purpose, you can use it for free. Other users can go for a free trial before “Sign Up” to see and evaluate how the app works for them. For free trial, you don’t need to provide them with any personal information.

If you want to get AnyDesk remote Desktop software free download for Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS, Linux, etc, go through this download link.

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