Download OpenShot Free Video Editing Software

Do you want to download free video editing software for Windows 10, 8, or 7 (64 bit), Mac, or Linux operating systems? Then you may think about OpenShot video editor that is available for free.

OpenShot is an open source video software licensed under the GNU GPL. So, you can use it for free.

Video editing software free download OpenShot

No matter on which operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux) you’re using this software to make your video because OpenShot app comes with cross-platform features. So, if you save your video project on your Windows PC, you can open and operate it on another Mac/Linux-based computer.

Availability of free video editing software

If you do a Google search with “free video editing software”, you’ll see that there are abundant amount of such software on the web. But picking the best one from this long list, as your own choice, would be somewhat worrisome.

Another free video editor is here that is easy to use as well.

To save your valuable time, I would like to share some information with you about a completely free video editor that has been on the web since 2008. So, it’s among the stable and reliable video editing software, for sure. Yes, I’m talking about OpenShot video editing app.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

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Key features of OpenShot

OpenShot is a simple open source video editor that you can use to create eye-catching animated cartoon objects, top quality videos for YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitch, etc, and even make a film.

The software comes with advanced built-in interface that is full of latest features but very easy-to-use. With just simple ‘Drag and Drop’ actions, you can create your own videos within a few minutes.

OpenShot has built-in audio editing interface as well that makes your audio-video mixing simpler than your imagination.

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OpenShot has a rich FFmpeg library, a huge collection of transitions, advanced rendering features, and a superb video editing timeline.

With OpenShot free video editor, you can open almost all types of imagery files, alter image transition, create new image transition, and design new rendered elements.

Exporting your completed video projects on OpenShot video editor is that simple. In the Menu Bar, you’ll find ‘Export Video’ menu. With just a mild click on that menu, you can complete the video export job.

Screenshot of OpenShot free video editing software for Windows
OpenShot Screenshot

How to create your first video with OpenShot

Ready to make your video with OpenShot? Well.

You have to follow 5 simple steps described below to make your first video with OpenShot video editing software.

  • Drag and drop images, and an audio file to OpenShot.
  • Drag and drop images one by one onto the timeline. Arrange them in a sequence you like.
  • Now drag and drop the audio file onto the timeline.
  • Press the Play button to see how the video works.
  • If it’s something you wanted to create, export it to your target location in the formats available.

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Download OpenShot video editor free

To have OpenShot video editing software for PC free download for Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit, click on this download link. Wondershare Software

Once you’ve downloaded OpenShot free video editing software on your PC, have a quick tour on its tutorial. Here you’ll find a user guide that can be of great help while you’re going to make your own video.

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