VSDC free video editor free download for PC

Going for VSDC free video editor free download might be a wise decision. It is a good tool for someone looking for a free professional video editing software download.

free download vsdc free video editor app

VSDC free video editor is a non-linear video editing app. It is suitable for all Windows versions.

Do you want to create top quality videos for top social channels like Facebook and YouTube? Then you can try free VSDC video tool, without any hesitation.

Key features of VSDC free video editor

VSDC free video editor new version includes some important features that you usually expect in any professional video editing app. In the latest version of VSDC, we see a lot of improvement in the most common video editing operations. For example, adding audio-visual effects and applying filters to videos are much easier now.

There are more than 70 transition effects in Slideshow Wizard. Few more vital features included in the recent version are simple timeline swapping, improved object transformation, enhanced video resolution and color manipulation, etc.

Conversion, creation and transferring videos

With free VSDC video editor software, you can easily convert 3D and 360-degree videos to 2D videos. The software allows you to create videos for many popular devices. You can create videos for iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Smartphones, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and so on.

Videos made with VSDC free tool also run on Windows PC, common DVD players, and MP4 players.

There are lots of free video editing software on the net. However, VSDC is a special one when it comes to transferring 4K and HD files.

Other available free video tools do NOT permit you to export 4K and HDs. But with VSDC app, you can get the job done without any hassle. And of course, the original quality of your videos will remain unchanged!

Built-in recording and video capturing

VSDC free video editor software has built-in recorders for voice and screen recording. Besides desktop video capturing ability, it can capture and save videos from digital cameras like webcams and IP cameras as well. It also allows you to edit those saved videos later, if necessary.

Using VSDC for better video quality

VSDC video editing software enables you to make masks of different kinds. By using these masks, you can spot, hide, blur, repair and remove any damaged/scratched part of images, videos, and unexpected elements/marks.

With this video editing software, you will be able to do the following tasks easily.

  • Split a video into many parts
  • Combine different video parts together
  • Increase/decrease audio sound level
  • Change video resolution
  • Change speed of video streaming
  • Insert text, charts, and diagrams
  • Capture snapshots, etc.

More notable features in VSDC app

download vsdc free video editing software free

When you capture video shots on the move, you experience a common problem. You see some unmatched vibrating effects on the video footages.

But VSDC editor can help you improve the video quality by removing all those bad encryptions.

After editing, you might want to save a copy of your new video to a CD, right? No problem. A built-in DVD burning tool of VSDC free video editor software will do the task instantly.

Uploading videos to YouTube has been a lot easier task with this free tool as well. VSDC video editing app allows you to directly upload the videos to your YouTube channel. You do not need to use any extra tool for this task!

Create watermark-free videos with VSDC app

Yes, you can create your videos without any watermark by using VSDC video editor tool! It is among the best options, available in VSDC free video editor app.

You can create and edit your videos online with lots of free tools. However, once you go to download or publish them online, you see a watermark fixed on your video screen! Yes, you can remove that watermark, but ONLY with subscription.

But with VSDC Free Video Editor video editing software, you can produce and publish your videos online with NO watermark.

Bottom line

If you go for VSDC free video editor free download for PC with Windows, you will not regret for sure. Enjoy your next video editing project with safe and free VSDC video editor app!

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