Download and install Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones

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Do you want to download and install Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones?

Which version?

The latest version or an older one?

Then keep going to find the most suitable one for your device.

First, check this list of USB drivers for Samsung mobile devices.

All Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones

  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.48.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.46.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.43.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.31.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.28.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.23.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.17.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.7.11.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.65.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.63.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.61.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.60.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.59.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.55.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.51.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.49.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.45.0
  • Samsung USB Driver v1.5.33.0

To download any of the above software versions, visit this link.

Popular USB drivers for Samsung Android devices

Samsung Galaxy Series has been introducing new models from their first inauguration. And they have been upgrading their older USB drivers to the latest one.

Check this if you want to get Norton Mobile Security for Android phone free.

Here are 3 most popular USB drivers for Galaxy Series.

Samsung Galaxy J7 USB Driver:

Do you want to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy J7 phone to your computer?

Then you need this driver.

Visit this link to download J7 drivers on your PC. And experience the best connection between your PC and J7.

It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

If in any way, you have lost your Samsung mobile data, you can try this tool.

Samsung Galaxy J2 USB Driver:

Specifically created for Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile phones. Go to this source for secure download. And connect your Samsung J2 to any computer with Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Samsung S7562 USB Driver:

To connect your Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Android device to any Windows PC, you need this free driver.

What is the purpose of Samsung USB Drivers?

In simple words, we need USB drivers to connect our mobile phone to a PC.

To connect a Samsung Android phone to a computer, which (PC) is running on Windows operating system, the computer must have the right Samsung USB Drivers installed.

All the Samsung USB Drivers are compatible with Microsoft Windows. So, the drivers do not allow you to connect your Android device to a Mac computer.

Samsung often updates its gadgets. And therefore, the gadgets also require the latest drivers.

The good thing is that, all the USB drivers, especially designed for Samsung Galaxy series, are available for FREE.

And these drivers support all Windows versions.

Is your desktop or laptop PC running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Windows 10?

Or, is it of 32-bit or 64-bit?

No matter!

In every computer, you can download and install Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones.


Let me explain the installation process of USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy phones.

How to install USB drivers for Samsung on Windows

Installing the original USB drivers for Samsung devices on Windows PC is that simple.

Just follow a few step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 01: Download the latest version of your chosen USB driver on your PC. The driver comes in zip file format. 

Step 02: Now, extract the zip in .exe format.

Step 03: Double click the .exe file. Start the installation process. Click on Next button.

Step 04: Select your preferred language and country from the list included. Click on Next button.

Step 05: Choose the location for installing the USB drivers. Click on Next button.

Step 06: To start the installation, press Install.

Step 07: Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation process. Now click on Finish button.

Step 08: Restart your PC.

Step 09: Connect your Samsung mobile phone to the PC.

Have you completed all the steps successfully?


Then it is time to transfer any data from your Samsung Galaxy to the computer.


Keep one thing in mind. Before download any USB driver, always find the latest version. You should download original Samsung USB drivers for mobile phones.

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