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Searching for PC speed booster free download full version for Windows 10, 8, or 7?


I hope you have already used Avira antivirus. But do you know about Avira System Speedup software?

Avira PC speed booster free download full version for Windows

Avira System Speedup tool works as a speed booster for PC with Windows operating system.

Yes. Avira offers a powerful but free PC optimizer. You can get their best PC speed up software free download full version for Windows 10/8/7.

Why you need PC booster software?

As time passes, your computer’s operating speed slows down.

But why?

There are many reasons for that slow movement of your PC. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Too many programs are running at the same time.
  • Multiple browsing tabs are working at once.
  • Your computer’s hard drive is maybe full or almost full!
  • Several apps open automatically when the PC gets started.
  • The PC gets unnecessary updates or software upgrades.
  • The PC is under malware attack.
  • Your default browser is full of cache and cookies, etc.

If your computer is being slower day after day, check for the above causes. Try to get rid of these reasons as many as possible.

Can you escape from all the above evils? NO. Never!

So, what to do?

How to accelerate your computer’s speediness? Or, how to increase its momentum?

Of course, you will try to keep running programs as few as possible at the same time. You will not open too many tabs in your browser. You will clear the cache and cookies at regular interval. You will use strong antivirus software. You will use malware removal tool. And so on…

But dealing with all these tasks properly is not that easy. And it will take your valuable time as well. That is where, a PC speed increasing program comes in.

Now, let me dive into the best Windows PC optimizer tool by Avira.

Avira System Speedup — your reliable Windows optimizer

Avira System Speedup is a simple but useful tool for your Windows computer. The tool makes your PC faster with 1-click optimizing feature. It is an excellent junk file remover suite. It comes with a complete set of maintenance, restoration, and backup tools — every computer requires.

Key features of Avira System Speedup

Like other Avira programs, this best free PC speed up software comes with very many advanced features. Here are just a few points about this free PC optimization tool.

A fast startup optimizer

One of the top culprits behind the slow motion of your PC is — auto-started programs, right? Avira System Speedup software lets you choose which programs to run on start. Moreover, it lets you know the lazy startup apps so that you can permit/cancel their inauguration. With this simple 1-click optimization tool, you can fully control the apps on start.

best free PC speed up software Avira

Easy clutter remover

It is a dominant junk file cleaner for your PC. To remove all the unnecessary data stored on your computer’s hard drive and RAM, this software scans your computer frequently. As soon as it finds the target, it starts removing all the clutters.

The output?

It makes more free space in your PC. And thus, the PC gets refreshment.

A good browser cleaner

Cleaning up a web browser manually takes a lot of extra time. To avoid this hassle, this software can help you.


This software takes the temporary data away from your web browser. It cleans up web traces recurrently. Thus, it strengthens the browser database. And all these operations make your PC clean and lean.

Innovative registry cleaner

Avira System Speedup improves the Windows registry cleaning processes.

In a newly built PC, Windows itself performs the required registry sorting plus cleaning very well. But as time goes by, you download, install, uninstall, and remove very many apps and programs from your computer.

At this stage, Windows alone cannot organize and remove all the data came with the apps/tools/programs. And therefore, the original speed of your PC slows down.

Avira System Speedup assists the built-in Windows registry application in boosting the whole registry process. The final output is — your PC works at fast rate.

Real-time performance monitor

Avira System Speedup software alerts you from time to time. As soon as your desktop or laptop computer requires any cleaning operation, it reminds you instantly.

Avira PC booster free download full version

Avira System Speedup helps free up enough disk space by eliminating unwanted files and data from your PC. It makes your computer quicker. Puts your PC in perfect condition.

Avira System Speedup is available in 2 versions – Free and Pro. You can get the Pro edition for 1 PC with an annual subscription.

Want to try it free?


To download this PC speed booster for Windows 10, 8, or 7, click here.

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