Free download Brave Browser for Windows 10

Getting free download Brave Browser for Windows 10 would offer you some extra benefits. This is because the Brave Browser offers 2x faster page loading on the desktop. The loading speed can go up to 8x faster on the mobile devices! Amazing, right?

The tagline of Brave Browser is “Browse Safer”. It simply means that you’re going to experience extreme privacy and security with this web browser. It’s a safe and fast web browser, accurate for PC and mobile devices.

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For Brave Browser download for Windows 10 on your PC, just click on the button below.

Downloads of this new version of Brave Web Browser are available for Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit, Mac OS as well as Linux.

Brave Browser for Windows 10 key features

  • The Brave Browser blocks ads and trackers.
  • It fights malware.
  • It prevents tracking and as such keeps user information safe and secure.
  • The Brave Browser automatically upgrades to HTTPS for safe and encrypted communications.
  • It doesn’t store any of your browsing data.
  • It stays private on all your devices.
  • It doesn’t sell your personal data to third parties.
  • It cautiously configures and properly maintains settings in the browser as well as extensions.

More features of the Brave Browser listed on their website

  1. Fingerprinting prevention
  2. Cookie control
  3. Configurable global shield defaults
  4. Private Windows
  5. Drag and drop
  6. Close Options
  7. Find on page
  8. Print page
  9. Add Bookmark
  10. Autosuggest URLs
  11. Search from address bar
  12. Autosuggest search terms
  13. Show secure or insecure site
  14. Clear browsing data
  15. Built-in password manager
  16. Form autofill
  17. Control site access to autoplay media
  18. Send “Do not track” with browsing requests
  19. Choose default search engine
  20. Use keyboard shortcuts for alternate search engines
  21. Option to use DuckDuckGo for private window search

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The new Brave browser shows you an innovative way of safe web browsing for sure.

Experience an ad-free browsing experience with free Brave Browser download for Windows 10 right now.

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