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McAfee Gamer Security is among the best antivirus for gaming PC. Its built-in MicroAV Engine protects your Windows computer from numerous e-threats. You can download McAfee Gamer Security free trial version now to see how can it fight dangerous viruses, plus optimize your PC’s overall gaming performance.

McAfee Gamer Security Software Review
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Antivirus in gaming PC

Do Windows PC gamers need to install antivirus software on their computers?

The answer is YES.

Gaming computers are more prone to virus, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Online games downloaded from unauthentic (or even authentic) sources might come with hidden risky apps. At times, they come to light and slow down your computer system.

Therefore, they might cause system crash and damage or delete your Windows memory.

McAfee Gamer Security Review

Read this brief review about McAfee Gamer Security, a strong antivirus software, especially designed for gaming computers.

The post will highlight few key points of this antivirus program.

Okay, let me dive in!

First thing first.

Requirements to run McAfee Gamer Security

Operating System: Windows 10 or later


Processor: 1 GHz

Free HDD space: 500 MB

Please note that:

Your PC should connect to a high-speed internet, to experience the best output!

Dedicated Game-boosting MicroAV Engine

To keep your gaming PC fully protected from malware attacks, the software uses a dedicated and powerful MicroAV Engine. This engine allows you to scan and detect all micro viruses. McAfee MicroAV Engine boosts your PC’s security level in both situations — offline and online!

And while playing your favorite game, its MicroAV engine takes control over other background apps of your PC.

If necessary, the software forces to stop some apps and tools as well. As a result, the overall system of your PC gets increased speed. Thus, you enjoy the best possible gaming speediness!

Offers Realtime Performance Monitoring

The software lets you easily monitor your computer systems’ real-time performance! Just look at the graph lines under the dashboard, and see how CPU, RAM, FPS, etc. are working.

Easy and user-friendly customization features

McAfee Gamer Security comes with easy-to-customize options.

It allows you to setup which games and apps to boost and which one to stop or pause.

You need to just fix the “Settings”.

Elden Ring Premiere

How to run McAfee Gamer Security on your PC

McAfee Gamer Security download and install on your Windows 10 computer is that simple.

First, sign in to your McAfee Account.

Now, go to “My Apps”.

Then choose “Get your Gamer Security”.

Click on “Download”.

Before the download starts, you must agree to the McAfee Gamer Security License Agreement.

Run the Installer Setup.

Wait for complete installation.

Finally, click on “Launch Gamer Security”.

You are done!

McAfee Gamer Security Download

Want to download the best free antivirus for gamers on your Windows 10 PC? Then download McAfee Gamer Security free.

For a complete online gaming security, you should buy its premium edition.


Before you buy any so-called best antivirus for gaming PC, I highly suggest you to go for McAfee Gamer Security free download. And I hope, you will find this antivirus program helpful enough.

What is your opinion about the above McAfee Gamer Security review? Share your idea through comments.

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