Synfig Studio: free open source 2d cartoon maker

If you are searching for 2D cartoon making software free download, you may consider Synfig Studio app. Since Synfig Studio is an open source software. It is absolutely free to use.

Synfig Studio is among the best 2D vector-based animation software that is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, & 7 (64 bit & 32 bit), mac OS X, and Linux 64 bit.

Download free 2d cartoon maker synfig studio

Key features of Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is released under the General Public License (GNU) GPL v3. Therefore, it is free to download and use for personal or business purpose. And it is full of advanced features you must need to create top-graded animated cartoons.

Some key features given below would satisfy you – no matter if you are a beginner or a professional animator.

Tools for vector control

Vector twining has been much easier with Synfig Studio animation software. All you have to do is – key positions setting. The software will then auto calculate in-between frames and transform any shape into a new vector shape.

Varieties of layers

Synfig Studio free animation software has more than 50 layers. The built-in layers and filters like distortions, fractals, gradients, transformations, etc. will make your cartoon creation or any other animation task easier, for sure. So, you can create high quality and complicated artworks with no trouble using Synfig Studio free 2D animation software.

Bone system

Synfig Studio comes with advanced bone system. Use this feature to control vector works or to create animations with bitmap images. You can use bones to have a complex bending or twisting on your animated bitmaps.

Key interface modules in Synfig Studio

In the Synfig Studio window, you will find 3 main components – Toolbox, Canvas, and Panels.

Toolbox: It contains all necessary tools for your whole animation project.

Canvas: It is the central part of the window. It displays your work. In the top-left corner, there is a Caret button. When you click on the Caret button, you will see the Canvas menu.

Panels: There are many panels in this software that contain several tools and info about specific elements of a project. Some of the most essential panels are Layers Panel, Parameters Panel, Tool Options Panel, History Panel, and Navigator.

With Synfig Studio’s advanced control features, combining parameters of various layers together is a simple and straightforward task. Do it as you wish – directly or by setting numerical values. So, creating dynamic graphical objects would be easier than your imagination!

System requirements for Synfig Studio

Operating SystemCPU StatusRAM
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10Dual Core, 2 GHz or more2 GB or more
Mac OS X 10.8 or laterDual Core, 2 GHz or more2 GB or more
Linux Distro (2012) or laterDual Core, 2 GHz or more2 GB or more

How to download Synfig Studio

For Synfig Studio 2D animated cartoon making software free download full version, you have 2 options. There are 2 different versions available: Stable version and Development version.

The Stable Version provides you with a tested and verified set of features whereas, the Development Version allows you to try out the latest experimental features.

To download the Development Version of Synfig Studio 2D animation software for free, go to this download link.

Bottom line

Synfig Studio is among the best free 2D animation software, especially for beginners, or somebody with some experience in using animation app.

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