Facebook messenger app download for PC

Choosing Facebook messenger app download for PC is a good decision. Facebook Messenger for Desktop is a friendly app for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions as well as for Mac.

What would you like to do? Is it instant chatting with close friends, transferring audios, videos, images, photo stickers, animated gifs, emojis…? No tension. All these are possible and easier with messenger desktop version.

Messenger for Desktop app

Messenger for Desktop is an unofficial messenger app for Facebook users. It’s totally free to download, install, and use.

Facebook Messenger for Desktop is similar to a regular browser that only navigates to the Messenger web app. The app secures all your personal and social data. So, there is no hassle to use this Messenger for Desktop.

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Safe and simple to install

The software is secure and safe. There is no negative report still now about this facebook messenger app. The software publisher regularly checks for viruses and malwares. That simply means your PC remains 100% safe!

Installation process is quite simple.

Ready to download facebook messenger app for PC? Then click here.

Now choose the right installation icon that is appropriate for your system.

The download will start immediately. You’ll see a downloaded binary file.

Then install the full version.

There is a Set Up wizard.

The wizard will help you finish the whole process smoothly.

You’re ready to use facebook messenger now.

Collaborating through facebook messenger

Text messaging is the first and widely used option via facebook messenger.

What’s more with Facebook Messenger for Desktop is – you’re able to send photos, stickers, audio and video files as well.

Chatting with your loved ones and sending all kinds of files will never be a problem at all. With messenger, there is no need to use your cell number to make a call. Just connect to anybody you want, with a simple message.

Want to capture and share images to your loved ones instantly? No worries – with messenger camera, it’s a simple task. You can take shots, edit photos and add doodles -to make your photos more lively before sending to anyone.

Want to go with video chatting? Do it with messenger desktop app. And if you’re in a wi-fi zone, there will be no extra cost at all.

Have more fun with messenger

Need something more? Want to play games?

Playing games on mobile devices has been a top obsession recently to people of all ages. If you’re one of those, you can use this desktop app to play online games of your choice as well as challenge your friends.

So, once you’ve facebook messenger app on your PC downloaded free, you’re set to connect the world you like.

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