PhotoRec data recovery software free download

Are you searching for a reliable data recovery software for Mac OS X free download? Then you may consider PhotoRec.

PhotoRec is an absolutely free data recovery tool that is compatible with all Windows versions (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Linux, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc as well.

What kind of data PhotoRec can retrieve?

Is it a common document file that you accidentally deleted, lost, or damaged? Or, did you lose any images, audios, videos, PDFs, graphics, ZIPs, etc?

No worries! In every case, PhotoRec data recovery software can help you get the deleted or lost data files back.

PhotoRec supports 450+ file formats. So, it does not matter what types of data files you need to repair, or get back.

Systems supported by PhotoRec

PhotoRec can recover deleted or lost data from varieties of media sources. For example, it can retrieve data files from internal hard disk, CD-ROM, various types of memory cards, USB flash drive, iPod and some other portable media players, digital cameras (Canon, Casio, Fujifilm, HP, Nikon, Olympus, Stylus 300, etc.).

Actually, it is not a big factor what type of file system it is when you go through the recovery process with PhotoRec. PhotoRec is specially designed to ignore the file system. So, this data recovery app is able to recover data even from a damaged, corrupted, or formatted file system.

To recover any lost data, PhotoRec software first searches for the data block or cluster to identify the exact condition of the file system. A device experiences data missing mainly for file system abnormality. If there is no corruption in file system, the Photorec software can easily retrieve the target data from FAT/NTFS/ext2/ext3/ext4.

If the file system gets corrupted, the app checks the media by block-wise or cluster-wise. And once the source is found, PhotoRec starts its process to get your lost data back. In simple words, it is the process how PhotoRec software works.

Keep in mind, PhotoRec data recovery software CANNOT retrieve any data from ReiserFS file systems.

Here is another good software that allows you to recover data up to 1 GB free.

Is PhotoRec software really free?

Yes, PhotoRec data recovery software is 100% FREE. At this time, PhotoRec is among the best open source data repair software that you can use for free. It’s licensed and distributed under the General Public License (GNU). So, you can download and use PhotoRec absolutely free, as long as you need.

Check this safe download link if you need PhotoRec data recovery software for Mac OS X or Windows free.

After PhotoRec data recovery software for Mac OS X free download, I recommend you to check this step-by-step guide which has been designed to help the users with recovery examples.

Not interested in Photorec? Then try this free data repair software.

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